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we all need these in our bathrooms...

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I do not think that shitting into a dragon would improve my life. I know I'm weird, but I really hate things with patterns in them, particularly if I'm unwell. I used to stare at the tiles and wallpaper in my parents bathroom and create scary feverish dream faces in them. That's why pretty much everything I own is a solid or a very plain stripe.
...I think it's definitely wise to know, and act on, what you like...there's some stuff in goth-ish decor that some people like (dolls, weapons, demony- or vampirey- or occulty-looking things, non-human stuff like LOTR and darker things, skulls, etc. etc.) that just creep other people right out...I think I would regard it as a dragon guarding the pot forme, or the helmet as a rather amusing echo of maybe using it to go in in past lives or something...