darkfallenangel (lunagypsy) wrote in gothimprovement,

HELP! I need to know if this is possible!

As many of you already know, we have a black canopy bed. But its not the really pretty kind, its the cheap one everyone in the world already has.
As you may also know, I want one akin to this:

but there is no way I have 43000 to spend on a bed at the moment. So, I am thinking there must be a crafty way to create it in a more inexpensive way. So for all of you who are really good with stuff like this, I want to know: would it be possible to keep the rails and canopy in place, remove the head and foot boards, replace them with railing/pipe from a homeimprovement store, and then be able to weld/solder/attatch things like the following in some way to make a custom gothy bed? I'd really like to know if anyone has any plausible ideas, as some of the pieces on our footboard have come loose and I have had to resort to putting it back together with electrical tape!

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