darkfallenangel (lunagypsy) wrote in gothimprovement,

Anyone know anything about treebark?

We went to Salem, and get a lot of inspiration from Laurie Cabot's store...we noticed that she decorated a post in her shop to look like a tree, and coincidentally we had been thinking of doing something similar to a post in our studio. She used real tree bark, good-sized chunks of it, to make it look like the trunk, and then had large branches attatched to the top and ssuspended from the ceiling. Branches I can find, but what would be the best way to procure a good amount of bark? There's plenty of woods around here with fallen dead trees, but how would we take it off? And once we do, should we treat it with anything (shellac, etc...)I don't want to end up with creepy-crawlies living in the house, and I don't want it to get brittle and fall apart...anyone with thoughts on this, I would appreciate it greatly!
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