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I need advice, AGAIN!

Well, last night there was an "oops" in the kitchen. My hubby ironed a shirt before work, and left the iron on the back burner of the stove. He is paranoid that it will burn something while it cools. So when he got home, he wanted soup. I grabbed a saucepan and put it on the FRONT burner, but apparently I turned the wrong knob. The iron started to fry. We managed to clear the smoke and the odor, and the iron is dead-melted straight thru to the wires and such. Now the real problem is: HOW do I get the rest of the melted plastic off of the old electric coil burner? The burner doesn't pop out, like most do, it just lifts up so you can pull the drip-pans out. I feel like a complete idiot and need to remedy this one fast. Thanx for any info you may have...
The dumbest gothgirl EVER:(
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